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June 19
Vaughan News

Good news could be on way for tree-loving Vaughan residents (

Vaughan City Clerk Honoured with 2015 AMCTO Prestige Award (

Carrying Pan Am torch in Vaughan like 'winning lottery' (

Price of a new house hits new record - $783,995 (

York Region News

Stouffville's Woodlands thriving in face of change (

Will Newmarket council chicken out on hen debate? (

Thornhill could be on losing end of ice time allocation (

Stouffville mayor ‘unimpressed,’ but condos get extension (

GTA News

Separated downtown bike lanes set to grow (

High ebook prices ‘unsustainable,’ says city’s top librarian (

Keesmaat kerfuffle not about much (

Federal News

Stephen Harper promises $2.6 billion in SmartTrack funding (
June 18
Vaughan News

Vaughan low-rise residential policies – Limits for townhouses (NRU)

GTA News

Are Jewish neighbourhoods too expensive for families? (

Halton's waste reduction strategies continue to set pace (

Improving natural systems – Urban biodiversity (NRU)

Mississauga employment land review – Wanted: downtown offices (NRU)

On the dumb track to never-never land: James (

No plans to replace Jennifer Keesmaat, says John Tory (

Provincial News

Oshawa’s transportation master plan – Improving connectivity (NRU)

Town to remove 70 ash trees in 2015 (

Federal News

Cyberattack knocks Canadian government websites offline (
June 17
Vaughan News

PowerStream Invites Public to Come See Their 'Energy Future' (

GTA News

Chief planner’s rift with Mayor John Tory derails interview (

Pan Am organizers overturn policy keeping girl who uses wheelchair from having friend join her in stands (

Provincial News

About 5,000 ash trees to be removed in Barrie due to Emerald Ash Borer (

From all corners of the city, lessons on precarious work (

Ontario should ban police carding rather than regulate it, critics say (

Some Ontario drivers forced to pay to replace defective plates (

Federal News

Elections Canada warns voters about new ID requirements for 2015 election (

Justin Trudeau lays out platform that would revamp electoral system (

Trudeau would end first-past-the-post electoral system (

Conservatives introduce crackdown on drunk drivers (
June 16
Vaughan News

Government of Canada Supports Canada Day Events in Vaughan (

York Region News

Newmarket likely dropping plans to restrict community mailbox installation (

Fatal collisions up despite overall drop in accidents on York Region roads (

Drivers try to avoid higher insurance deductibles, premiums with false calls to police (

UPDATED: Revoke building permit for Stouffville condo project, staff tells council (

Most lunchtime crossing guards could be eliminated: Stouffville (

GTA News

Extended season for Toronto skating rinks proposed (

City right on track to never-never land (

TTC announces 10-minute-or-better service network (

Provincial News

Oakville to cut down thousands of insect-ravaged Ash trees (

Emerald ash border solution (

Ash tree deaths happening faster than expected (

Ontario, Ottawa at odds over funding for Scarborough subway (

Ontario moves to curb arbitrary carding practices (

OLG bets on horse racing to help Liberals rebrand (
June 15
Vaughan News

Steve Kanellakos - Managing Expectations (

York Region News

Newmarket council approves 'neighbourhood' garden on Elgin Street easement (

GTA News

Toronto, East York consider 30 km/h speed limit on residential streets (

Positive city report may see Adelaide, Richmond bike lanes extended east (

Should Pearson be the Union Station of the west GTA? (

With new plan approved, work on Gardiner Expressway can start promptly - in 2019 (but probably won’t) (

Education key to blue box enforcement in Durham (

Toronto looks for ways to reduce security costs for Pan Am Games (

Provincial News

Hamilton loses legal fight with Canada Post over mailboxes (

Why is the city of Vancouver regulating an illegal activity? (

Ontario's 'eye-popping' shift to low-wage work (

Ontario Premier Wynne suggests regional co-operation on environment (

Federal News

Mayors want feds' attention (

Tories to roll out pre-election infrastructure spending spree (