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Pitch for new York Region campus cost Aurora $22.5K
Sept. 4, 2014
By Teresa Latchford

How much has the effort to attract a post-secondary institution cost you?

Aurora council directed town staff at Tuesday night’s meeting to summarize the cost of the attraction strategy and the impact it will have on taxpayers.

York University invited interested York Region municipalities to submit proposals for a new campus and Aurora teamed up with Newmarket to submit a northern York Region concept on the border of the two communities.

To develop the proposal in such a short period of time, the towns hired a consultant and incurred legal fees that were split evenly between the two towns. Aurora’s portion is $22,604.67.

The town initially discussed the creation of a satellite campus with the University of Windsor, however, the institution decided it did not have the resources to pursue an expansion.

The travel cost for a one-day meeting in Windsor was $597.41.