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Markham shares sign of friendship with Chinese city
Dec. 8, 2014
By Brea Bartholet

Though the accidental trigger of a fire alarm at the Markham Civic Centre postponed a very special meeting in council chambers last week, it couldn’t dampen the spirits of those involved.

On Dec. 5, Mayor Frank Scarpitti, Regional Councillor Joe Li and council members honoured Meizhou City, China, with a street name presentation.

In attendance - and arriving to Toronto at 1 a.m. earlier that morning - were Meizhou City Mayor Tan JunTie and his delegation.

Having established friendship relations one year ago in hopes of maintaining cultural and commercial ties between the two cities, Scarpitti says he hopes the connection will continue to run deep.

“This relationship has strengthened our partnership and economic prosperity,” he said during his speech.

“The bilateral trade between China and Canada has grown over the last couple of years. We are pleased that Markham has been part of that story.”

JunTie extended his thanks to Scarpitti and other representatives of Markham in the Hakka language, interpreted by senior business development officer Sandra Tam.

“I want to thank the Hakka community in Markham for its contributions. We are maintaining financial trade and economic systems between the two cities,” he said.

“We will develop together quickly.”

Meizhou is situated in the northeast of Guangdong Province with a population of 5 million. It is known as the Hakka capital of the world, with a long history and a thousand-year profound growth of Hakka heritage.

The location for the Meizhou sign in Markham has yet to be decided.