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More off-road vehicles can now ride on the shoulder of highways
July 1, 2015

Off-road vehicles (ORV) can now travel along the shoulder of provincially maintained roads.

Beginning on Wednesday, more all-terrain vehicles (ATV), ORVs and utility vehicles can be driven on the shoulder of the road. Previously, only single-seat ATVs were allowed on certain highways.

This includes Highways 500 to 899, many 7000-series highways and highways with low traffic volumes. ATVs and ORVs cannot travel on 400-series highways, the Queen Elizabeth Way and parts of the Trans-Canada Highway.

It will fall on individual municipalities to pass local bylaws if they want to change the rules pertaining to driving on the side of their roads and highways.

The province is also implementing new safety rules. All riders and passengers will have to wear a helmet and seatbelt. Drivers will also have to have a G2 or M2 licence and the vehicle must be registered and insured.

A grace period will be in effect for the new rules until Sept. 1.