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Aurora Council closes book on creating committee for library square vision
July 16, 2015
By Teresa Latchford

Council voted down a suggestion to create a Library Square ad hoc committee.

A proposal to create a committee consisting of the mayor, three councillors and four citizens to advise council on a potential vision and design for the square was tabled last week by Councillor John Abel.

Since the relocation of the Aurora Public Library in 2000 and the seniors’ centre in 2006, the future use of the buildings have been a hot topic among council and the public.

“It was a major election issue and we are half way through the first term of council,” Abel said. “We need to get the ball rolling because, the next thing we know, it will be the final year of the term and I don’t want to rush the decision.”

While councillors agreed the issue has to be dealt with, some weren’t keen on having a committee.

“I truly think it should be a decision of council as a whole,” Councillor Paul Pirri said.

Councillor Sandra Humpfryes agreed, adding there has been a binder full of public comments from 10 public input sessions over the past several years. She feels a better path would be for council to hold a workshop to discuss the ideas, decide on a use for the area and then invite the public and design experts to weigh in.

“We should just lock ourselves in a room and hash it out,” Councillor Tom Mrakas said.

Parks and recreation director Al Downey pointed out council has already approved $50,000 in consultation fees to explore uses of the town’s vacant buildings, which includes the two buildings located in Library Square.

Councillor Abel’s proposal was voted down but council agreed to schedule a meeting to discuss the future use of the buildings no later than August.