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Vaughan bookworms start summer reading fun

'We try to nurture a joy of reading'
June 20, 2015
By Simone Joseph

Farida Shaikh believes she can offer your children an attractive alternative to hand-held devices this summer.

It’s called good, old fashioned books.

“With gadget-filled homes, many times kids forget to read. Libraries try to get kids engaged and excited about reading,” the Vaughan library co-ordinator said.

She was at Ansley Grove Library today in Woodbridge for the launch of the TD Summer Reading Club, as well as the library branch’s 25th birthday, featuring cake and a magic show.

The TD reading club is offered at libraries across Canada, and most Vaughan branches are kicking off their reading programs today.

Last summer, 2,700 children across Vaughan participated in the program.

Aleksandra Vine is looking forward to her five-year-old daughter, Sophie, being part of the program, because it is the first year she can actually read on her own. It is her third year in the program.

“I am excited. She enjoys reading. She learned great skills in school,” said Vine, who happens to be director of planning and communications for Vaughan Public Libraries. “Reading is important to her. I want to continue the reading habit throughout the summer.”

The book program is geared to children who are school aged. Children write down the titles of the books they have read and also keep a log of the new words they have learned. Vaughan libraries intend to keep track of how many new words the children have learned.

To make it fun, children can earn a new sticker each week by reading. The program also includes a draw for a grand prize.

Woodbridge resident Angela Zuniga has been bringing her son to the Ansley Grove library for four years. Zuniga signed her son and daughter up for the reading program.

“Every time they read, they get more fluent and more confident in reading,” she said. She also has a 19-year-old daughter.

“In summer, they don’t have any motivation to read. The library gives them motivation,” Zuniga said.

Keeping up with reading over two months without school is important, according to library co-ordinator Shaikh.

“We try to nurture a joy of reading in children,” Shaikh said. “We make sure they read over the summer and don’t forget their skills.”

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