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Drivers try to avoid higher insurance deductibles, premiums with false calls to police
June 15, 2015

More than 20 people in York Region with damaged vehicles tried to reduce auto insurance deductibles and avoid premium increases by calling police with a fake story.

In most cases, people called York Regional Police to report their vehicle was struck in a parking lot while unattended and the person who did the damage drove away.

Officers determined the damage to the vehicles was inconsistent with the stories and in some cases, people confessed what actually happened when confronted by police. Some of the people who confessed said an auto repair shop gave them the idea.

These calls date back to March 2015.

Falsely reporting a collision is a criminal offence. Charges can include public mischief, obstruct police, fraud and fail to remain.

In real collisions, if the combined damage to the vehicles exceeds $1,000, drivers must report the incident to police.
The law also says drivers in a collision must exchange information, regardless of the nature of the collision.
Drivers should contact police immediately if a collision involves:

Always provide police with an accurate account and any evidence of what actually took place.