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Woman drops casino appeal with OMB
March 18, 2015
By Ian MacAlpine

A citizen concerned that one day Kingston could possibly host a casino has withdrawn her appeal with the Ontario Municipal Board after city council voted last month to not allow a casino anywhere within city limits and add that detail to the Official Plan.

Nancy Salvador had filed an appeal with the OMB when the previous city council had voted to look at a casino within Kingston but not in the downtown core.

During October’s municipal election, Kingston voters turned down a casino for Kingston in a referendum. About 67% of voters, or nearly 24,000, answered ‘no’ to the casino question.

However, fewer than 50% of eligible voters cast ballots, meaning the referendum vote wasn’t binding.

But city council’s vote in a closed session last month took care of the casino debate once and for all.

Salvador withdrew her appeal shortly after city council voted on it.

“It just showed that the council was going to do what they said they would do,” said Salvador in a telephone interview on Wednesday.

“I’m satisfied that we’ve elected in a righteous government and I really believe they’re going to follow through now, so I saw no need to keep the appeal on the books.

“Now I’m satisfied because what I wanted in the beginning was that there would be no provision in the Official Plan for a casino city-wide, so that’s what I’ve gotten.”

Salvador said having a casino would affect the social factors of the community hosting it and doesn’t believe a casino should be used to raise public funds.

“I would rather that our government not be pushing casinos at all. I don’t think it’s the place of a provincial government to be encouraging this type of business,” she said.

“For a city government to rely on money that comes on the back of families and individuals’ lives, it’s not a good way to rely on money.”

Salvador said she had support for her appeal from other citizens.

“It seemed almost daily I had people stopping me on the street or in stopping me and telling me how happy they were I launched this campaign.”