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LETTER: Vaughan water division workers deserve big thanks
March 12, 2015
By Rad Morka

As the spring approaches, I’m still remembering the cold February that just passed.

Like many people in Vaughan, I had the misfortune of having my watermain freeze.

I would like to publicly acknowledge the water division of public works for the fantastic job they’ve done while working to get the flow back on.

The team that arrived was professional and dedicated. They treated me with friendly candor and kept me well-informed on the process and progress.

As the electric current was warming up the pipes for hours, I thought I’d have to wait for spring before I’d be able to take a shower.

They worked late into the night to continue arcing the pipe, long after my family and I had given up.

Luckily, no pipes have burst and after 48 hours the ice had finally let up and the water was back on.

I’d like to extend a warm thanks to two individuals who continued to work and refused to give in to Mr. Frost on this freezing night in February.

They are Dave Frangella and Joe Rubino, both outstanding examples of the public service professionals working in our city.

The experience taught me to never take water for granted but, more importantly, it made me feel proud to be a citizen of Vaughan.