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Trails in King Twp. to get signage boost, along with repairs
March 10, 2015
By Tim Kelly

The future of King Township’s 108-kilometres of trails came into sharp focus Monday.

Trails in the township were chiefly used for hiking, walking, biking and, not surprisingly, given King’s plethora of horse farms, equestrian activities. The two trails used most frequently were the Oak Ridges Trail and King City Trail.

Trails were used daily, weekly and seasonally and were accessed, in order, by car, bike, and, lastly, by walking from home. The trails were reached most frequently from Keele Street and then from the Seventh Concession. Trail users say what needs improving the most is directional signage such as signs on highways that point to the trails and wayfinding signage, signs located on the trails themselves.

Consultant Mike Tucker rolled out the 146-page draft trails master plan Monday night to council, which included responses to six questions that 98 King Township respondents answered.

Council expressed its pleasure with the draft's vision that calls for short- (1-5 year), medium- (5-10 years) and long- (10-plus years) term plans for the trail systems.

Some 81 recommendations have been suggested as part of the draft-plan report for existing trails, new trails, trail heads, signage and wayfinding, operations and maintenance and marketing and promotions.

Over the short term (1-5 years), Tucker said the plan is to implement operations and maintenance improvements, signage and strategy upgrades, a boost to marketing and promotions and repairs to existing trails.

In the medium term (5-10 years), Tucker suggested trail connections between communities within King Township would be sought.