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McMichael Art Gallery presents Vanishing Ice exhibit
Feb. 10, 2015
By Simone Joseph

Visitors to the McMichael Canadian Art Collection fought ice and snow to look at paintings and photographs of ice and snow.

The new exhibit Vanishing Ice: Alpine and Polar Landscapes in art 1775 to 2012 runs until April 26.

It presents an international selection of works by artists who portray the beauty of ice and bring to light the troubling reality of ice today caused by progressive climate change - its disappearance.

Sandy Ross did not come to the gallery for this exhibit and did not know it existed. He was just exploring the gallery when he found it, calling the exhibit "a pleasant surprise".

"It was more eye opening than I thought; when they show the before and after of the retreating glaciers. I really had no concept. I hear about global warming but when you see these glaciers retreating many miles ... It has made me more aware. Also, it is very pretty to look at," the Oakville resident said.

Woodbridge resident John Giethoorn was mesmerized by a painting called Trail Riders painted near Banff by Thomas Hart Benton.

"It has totally captured my attention. The depth, detail, interesting style. The lighting this artist captures. Stunning," he said. He is not very interested in the theme of global warming. "The planet will take care of us. It always has," he said.

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