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UPDATE: Aurora's 'garbage man' overwhelmed by response to video criticizing GFL
Jan. 9, 2015
Teresa Latchford

The man who mailed his garbage to Green For Life is amazed with the response his story is receiving.

The story detailing Aurora resident Jeff Ketelaars' experience with GFL, the company contracted by the northern six York Region municipalities to collect waste, has had nearly 3,000 page views within two days of being posted and continues to be one of the most popular articles posted on

GFL didn’t collect his waste from the curb and when Ketelaars called the customer service line of the company, he said he didn’t receive a courteous response or solution.

Taking matters into his own hands, he mailed his garbage to the company and created a video to spread his message and encourage other residents who are dissatisfied with the service to speak out as well.

Ketelaars was floored when he heard about the response and watched the number of views on his video rise.

“I guess I’m not the only one who is passionate about their garbage,” he said.

Facebook user Matt Maddocks wrote his waste and recycling hasn’t been collected for the past two weeks. He also contacted GFL and continues to wait for a response.

“It sure doesn’t do much good for my motivation to continue to recycle,” he posted.

Despite the online popularity of the story and his efforts to capture the attention of GFL, Ketelaars has yet to receive a response.

He is also still waiting to hear the time and location of the next N6 meeting, which he plans to attend inside or outside the location where it will be held.

If not allowed to attend the meeting, he said he would stand outside with a recycling bin and a sign stating he is the “garbage man”.


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