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Rogers expands cell service to all TTC subway stations, including Vaughan extension tunnel
Nov. 17, 2023
Patricia D’Cunha

Rogers Communications has expanded 5G wireless services to all TTC subway stations, as well as along the tunnel in the Vaughan extension.

In an update on Friday, the company said 5G service will be available to Rogers customers in the Vaughan extension tunnel between Sheppard West and Vaughan Metropolitan Centre stations.

Rogers said it also added more reliable 911 access for all riders at these new locations.

The next step will be to roll out cellphone service across all remaining tunnels.

“I’m thrilled that our team has completed the upgrade of the legacy network well ahead of schedule,” said Ron McKenzie, Rogers Chief Technology and Information Officer. “We’re now transitioning to the next critical phase of the project, expanding 5G coverage to connect the remaining 36 kilometers of track.”

Back in August, Rogers launched the first phase of its 5G wireless services in parts of the TTC subway system, bringing with it improved 911 access for riders.

Previously, riders had full 5G capabilities in all the stations and tunnels of the ‘lower-U’ of the subway system (St. George south to Union, north to Bloor-Yonge and west to St. George), as well as at platform level and in station corridors at stations between Keele and Castle Frank, including Spadina and Dupont.

The company said since then, Rogers customers used more than 411 terabytes of data while riding the subway -- equivalent to streaming more than 62,000 Toronto Maple Leafs games, or streaming the Barbie movie over 99,000 times.

According to their breakdown, the three busiest hubs for data usage are Bloor/Yonge, Queen’s Park and Wellesley stations. Data usage in tunnels is highest between St. George and St. Patrick stations.

A month after Rogers unveiled the first phase of cellphone service on TTC subways, Bell and Telus customers received the same access in October.

The development came more than two weeks after federal Industry Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne directed Rogers to make arrangements to give access to the major telecommunications companies until separate infrastructure could be built and that all major carriers provide service to passengers.

Back in April, Rogers bought BAI Canada -- the company provided wi-fi services on TTC subway platforms as well as limited cellular service for Freedom Mobile customers. Rogers also acquired the rights to fix and expand the system.