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WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?: Maple GO station getting makeover

Major construction underway as part of Metrolinx's plans to expand GO train service
Sept. 11, 2023
Brian Capitao

The Maple GO station is getting revamped as more service comes to the Barrie GO line.

Metrolinx is increasing GO train service as part of the GO expansion program, where they will aim to provide service every 15 minutes or better between Union Station and Bradford GO, and service every 30 minutes to Allandale Waterfront Go.

Major construction is currently underway at the Maple GO station and includes new platform structures that will link the existing station to new west platform, the southeast platform’s foundation and once done stairs and an elevator will be built.

A permanent corridor wall is being built on the west side for customer’s safety. North of McNaughton Road excavations are underway for a new west track that will support increased service at the station.

Platform structures will open later to complement future GO train service increases.