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Toronto council to meet for first time since Tory resigned, confirm mayor race dates
March 29, 2023

Toronto city council is set to meet today for the first time since former mayor John Tory resigned.

Tory stepped down last month after revealing he had an “inappropriate affair’’ with someone who used to work on his staff.

One of the items councillors will be dealing with as they meet over three days is officially declaring the mayor’s office vacant and passing a bylaw requiring a byelection.

That would move the city one step closer to electing a new mayor.

The city clerk has already set out a timeline for the race to replace Tory, with voters expected to head to the polls on June 26, but that plan is subject to council approval.

Once council passes a bylaw requiring a byelection, nominations for the mayoral race would be expected to open April 3 and close May 12, with advance voting available from June 8 to June 13.