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York Region reminds drivers to stay safe as snowfall covers roads

Nov. 18, 2022

York Region is reminding residents to make sure they are prepared and drive safe as the first big snowfall of the season blankets the roads.

The region released its winter driving tips Nov. 15 and assured residents that its fleet of snowplows is ready to go.

But it said that keeping roads safe for everyone is a “team effort” that includes residents.

“We all have a part to play, and ensuring your vehicle is prepared for winter will help all travellers reach their destinations safely when driving conditions are less than ideal,” the region said.

November is historically the worst month of the year for road accidents in the region, along with January.

The region said that drivers should ensure they have snow tires, get their vehicle serviced and stock a vehicle with essentials like a snow brush and survival kit.

The region also said drivers should give themselves extra time for winter travel, clear off snow from the car and ensure the lights are functioning.

On the road, the region said to be patient with snowplows, avoid distractions and stay alert.

“Adapt your driving according to the weather by reducing speed, avoiding sudden manoeuvres to stay in control and increasing the distance between you and other vehicles,” the region said.

The region noted that careless driving charges come with six demerit points, a six-month jail term and a licence suspension of up to two years.

As for snowplows, the region said its fleet is “tuned up and spruced up” for the season, with decals designed by elementary students for the annual paint-a-plow contest.

Newmarket said plow operations are also starting, with tracking available at It said it takes approximately eight to 10 hours to clear the town, potentially 12 hours if snow continues to fall.

“Stay safe and drive according to road conditions,” the town said.