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York Region urges road safety as clocks move back
Nov. 14, 2022

York Region and its police force are reminding motorists to be road safe as one of the worst times of the year for accidents is upon us.

The municipality held a new event on road safety in Vaughan Nov. 9 to alert residents about the increased road dangers with clocks being set one hour back last Sunday. The region said November has the highest number of pedestrian-involved collisions every year, likely due to shorter daylight hours.

“Pedestrian and cycling safety remains a priority,” the region said. “Almost 93 per cent of all pedestrian collisions and 87 per cent of all cyclist collisions result in pedestrian injury or death.”

Winter months in York Region typically have higher than average collisions. November and January were the worst months between 2018 and 2020, according to the regional 2021 traveller safety report. January accounted for approximately 10.3 per cent of collisions in those years, while November was at about 8.3 per cent of collisions.

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation echoed the warning about the end of daylight savings time.

“We encourage all road users to watch out for each other now that it gets dark earlier,” the ministry said on social media this week. “Pedestrians, bright or reflective wear will make you more visible to traffic.”

The region encourages drivers to avoid distractions, slow down during dangerous weather and in poor visibility, and ensure you have windshield fluid and wipers are functional. You should also turn on headlights when daylight is fading and it is dark.

As for cyclists, the region said to have a front white light and a flashing rear LED light, wear a safety vest or jacket and wear a strobe light on your arm.

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