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King council asks province to fast-track approval of new Southlake site
Nov. 14, 2022

King council passed a resolution at its meeting on Nov. 7 that proposed changes to the Greenbelt and Oak Ridges Moraine, including the township’s request to fast-track approval for the new Southlake Regional Health Centre site.

King council unanimously supported the location of the new hospital on the lands proposed to be removed from the Greenbelt Plan area, and formally requested the provincial government to fast-track approval.

Council directed staff to work with the landowner, province and Southlake Regional Health Centre to expedite the development approvals for the hospital lands.

“It is important that we continue to protect the health care of those who live in or near King and help further the vision for expansion of the Southlake Regional Health Centre. King council unanimously requests that the new Southlake Regional Health Centre is constructed, and that its approval is fast-tracked to ensure this happens,” said Mayor Steve Pellegrini.

King is sending a copy of the resolution to the minister of municipal affairs and housing, minister of health and the president and CEO of Southlake Regional Health Centre.

The resolution noted the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing had identified land east of Dufferin Street, south of Miller’s Sideroad and west of Bathurst Street, and King council agreed the land is considered ideal for the new hospital site. The ministry isn’t proposing any changes to the portion of those lands that contain the Oak Ridges Moraine Natural Core Area.

The landowner is committed to providing the land for the new hospital site for a nominal fee, according to the resolution.