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Vote to name York Region's new pollinator meadow
Oct. 19, 2022

York Region is inviting you to help it decide between 56 names for its new pollinator garden on Bayview Avenue.

The region has held a contest to name its new pollinator meadow located in Richmond Hill. Voting is now open for the public to decide which of the submitted names would best suit the location.

“We thank all who took time to submit a name for the meadow,” the region said. “A permanent sign will be installed at the meadow displaying the winning name.”

The garden aims to help pollinator species and provide an educational space for residents. It was built with 1,000 plants over the summer with both staff and volunteer support.

You can find a list of names and vote through the York Region website. The winning submission will win a prize pack.

The voting will run until Oct. 24, with the winner getting announced Oct. 28.

The region has indicated it will look to expand the pollinator meadow project into additional municipalities.

The list of the names for consideration is below:

Bahareh’s Garden
Food for Thought
Bagosenim (meaning hope in Obijwe)
Bayview Blooms Polliantor Meadow
BeeThesda Meadow
The Buzz Stop
Nectar Hectare Pllination Station
Queen Elizabeth II Pollinating Meadow Gardens
Bees, Bugs, and Butterfly Sanctuary
Bethesda Wildflower Meadows
Memory Meadows
Sunset Meadow
Bayview’s Bounty
Beewell Meadow
Oak Ridges Blooming Meadows
Fairy Meadow
Meadows Bloom Park
Fairy Garden
Fluttering hearts meadow
Where the Bees and the Butterflies Play
YR Paradise Pollinator Meadow
Pollen Nation
Harmony Meadows
Nectar Meadow
BOLD N GOLDEN Meadow of Life
Butterbees Home Plate
The Field of Dreams
The Bee’s Knees Garden
Bee’s Knees
Buzzy Bee Meadow
Wings of the Moraine Pollinator Meadow
Migration Meadow
Rich Meadow Land
B’s Butterfly Meadow
The Bethesda Bees and Butterflies Pollinating Park
Serenity Garden
Birds, Bees, Butterflies Need our Pollinating Meadow
Meadowlator Park
The Lord’s Honey
Next generation meadow
Enchanted Field of Bee-utiful Bees and Butterflies
The Lake Wilcox Insect Aerodrome
Rich Nectar Meadow
Bees Polli
Sunny Sprouts
Bees Way
Polly-Wiggle Meadow
Bayview Beauty
Milestone Meadow
Safe Haven
Heaven on Earth