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Newmarket's Treefrog Accelerator expands entrepreneurial initiative to international scope
June 30, 2022

Newmarket is ready to welcome international entrepreneurs.

On June 22 at the Collision Conference in Toronto, the town and Newmarket’s Treefrog Inc. announced the company’s Treefrog Accelerator has been designated by the federal government as a startup visa organization.

Treefrog calls itself the “Swiss Army Knife of digital transformation.”

Since 1989, the “Frogs” have helped more than 500 companies improve their online brands.

Its Treefrog Accelerator is a five-week program designed to give startups the tools and knowledge they need to scale their business in North America.

The program, which started as a local endeavour and is now growing internationally in scope, offers practical workshop learning, personalized mentorship matching, pitching skill development and more.

The program culminates in an open house where startups can meet with investors, government officials and other stakeholders to showcase their growth.

At the Collision Conference, North America’s fastest growing tech conference, Treefrog and the town trumpeted the federal startup visa designation.

“It builds on a strong and successful regional program,” Treefrog Accelerator executive director James Daigle said.

“We are proud to extend our programming to international entrepreneurs that will contribute to the strong network of businesses in Newmarket and York Region.”

The town is also pleased, Mayor John Taylor said.

“We are very excited to be working with Treefrog to help provide local and international businesses with the skills necessary to succeed in the North American market, not just today, but well into the future,” he said.

“As we continue to celebrate and recognize our diverse community, the startup visa program will continue to bring skilled and innovative immigrant entrepreneurs to Newmarket and grow the community’s talent, diversity and entrepreneurial ecosystem.”

The Treefrog Accelerator was designed to give startup businesses the tools and knowledge they need to succeed within the North American market.

The first offering from the accelerator was a regional program.

Accelerate Newmarket is a partnership with the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce and York University.

Its success led to the startup visa designation and expansion into international programming as the next evolution in supporting the entrepreneurial system in Newmarket.

The town is investing in the Accelerator as part of its economic development strategy.