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City reminds Markham residents to follow fireworks rules for Canada Day long weekend
June 30, 2022

As the Canada Day long weekend approaches, the city and Markham Fire and Emergency Services (MFES) remind residents to keep themselves and Markham safe by using family fireworks legally and appropriately.

Family fireworks may only be set off on private property and with the homeowner’s consent. Fireworks are not allowed on city property. This includes parks, fields and roads.

Applications for family fireworks permits must be made online at least seven days before the planned event date. Violators may be fined up to $5,000 under the Provincial Offences Act. Permits cost $212.50 plus HST, and the city collects this fee during the online application process.

However, a family fireworks permit is not required on Canada Day or the day before.

What to do with the remnants after the fireworks are set off is very important because improper disposal of fireworks can also cause fire.

Before disposing of used or unused fireworks, they should be soaked in water overnight and put in the household garbage once they have cooled. In addition, used or unused fireworks should never be put in the blue bin or in any of the city's public waste bins.
Visit for more information on how to safely use and dispose of fireworks, and visit for additional fire safety tips.