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Glen Shields proposed apartment complex has many problems, reader writes
June 27, 2022

To the editor:

Re: Intensify this? Vaughan residents speak out about Glen Shields proposal

1) All the councillors at the meeting, except for the ward 5 councillor, criticized the project.

2) Look at the Glen Shields area and take note that there are only two exits from the area, both to Dufferin St. -- one at each end of the 2.5 kilometre Glen Shields Ave. servicing the over 1,000 houses that are on the side streets that all feed onto Glen Shields Ave.

3) Dufferin St. is so busy southbound in the morning that even the Clark Ave. bus goes to the north entrance during morning rush hour and to the south entrance the rest of the day.

4) There is a high water table in the area (where) they want to build so it is likely that the proposed two-storey underground garage would often be flooded.

5) Traffic exiting the area in 2002, when I was on the traffic-calming committee, was a problem (especially for houses and roads near the exits) and has only gotten worse (more cars per household plus Dufferin St. backed up by volume and the lights at Viceroy Rd. and at Steeles, often only two or three cars get out southbound per green light).

6) Two towers sticking up over all (only) the two storey houses and right in the centre of the area.

7) The walk to Dufferin St. has some downhill sections from 80 Glen Shields Ave. and can be somewhat icy in winter.

8) How are the cars from the apartment complex going to exit the complex during morning rush hour with the heavy traffic on Glen Shields Ave. especially if you add in the cars of people dropping off kids at the proposed daycare?

9) How will the proposed stores survive when there are only a few parking spaces? If people park on the street that becomes a hazard to all and an inconvenience to those living on Glen Shields Ave. and nearby streets. The stores there now have been serving the community for decades, especially the convenience store and the pharmacy.

Please, if you are doing an article, do more research on the problem, not just comment that this is opposition to a “development.” This proposed apartment complex is a problem in many ways.

Martin Dworkin