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Richmond Hill Coun. Tom Muench calls sexual assault allegation ‘malicious in its words and intent’
June 27, 2022

Richmond Hill Coun. Tom Muench said he’s reviewing all options days after he was released without charges after he was seen handcuffed by TTC special constables on a Toronto subway platform in a viral video on June 16.

The Ward 2 councillor publicly denied any wrongdoing or misconduct in a statement posted on Facebook on June 19.

“Allegations of any wrongdoing or misconduct of any kind including ‘drug’, or ‘sexual’ connotation by me or any in my party are false and hurtful especially to the person with the medical condition,” Muench said in his statement.

The statement was made in response to media reports of his arrest at around 10:30 p.m. at York Mills Station on June 16 when he was seen travelling with a group of people including an unconscious woman.

Muench said he was on the way back with a large group of friends and colleagues after watching a football game in Toronto when a female colleague, a member of his staff, had a medical emergency and they were taking care of her.

"Police were called and I was released unconditionally without charges after an investigation. As such, the allegations that were made against me are malicious in its words and intent, and I am reviewing all my options," Muench told the Liberal.

Gilda Ekhtiari, another female passenger travelling with Muench who also works for the councillor, said she was "very disappointed that the special TTC constables overreacted, putting Coun. Muench and his reputation at risk."

She confirmed she was sitting next to the unconscious woman and that Muench "never did any inappropriate touching, aggression or actions at any time, but, in fact, was a complete gentleman and was proactive in his approach."

“I know what I saw. My views haven’t changed,” said Sukhee Hong, a passenger on the train who witnessed Muench and his group.

Hong, who got on the train at Eglinton Station, said a female was “slumped over” unconscious on Muench’s lap with the councillor “caressing” and “kissing” her in the northbound train.

TTC personnel who were alerted to Muench’s group activated an emergency alarm that temporarily suspended the train service, Hong said.

Muench said in his statement that “someone on the train who heard that I am a city councillor made a completely disgusting and false allegation against me, which I found offensive, but supported TTC detainment protocols.

“The attack politically is hurtful to those caring of the victim and very mean-spirited to the person who had a medical condition,” Muench said.

A TTC staff member, who was also on the train and spoke on condition of anonymity, told the Liberal that the TTC personnel acted on complaints from several passengers and did not know who Muench was at that time.

TTC officials then activated an emergency alarm in response to the complaints about Muench and his group.

It was after the emergency alarm was triggered when Muench started to pass out business cards and tell people he is a Richmond Hill councillor, the TTC staff member said.

While waiting for shuttle buses, Hong started filming Muench at the subway platform where the councillor was seen speaking to a TTC official, saying, “I’m a politician and she’s my assistant” in one of the videos obtained by the Liberal.

In another video, Richmond Hill resident Mason Sanglakhi, who was travelling with Muench, was seen trying to stop the councillor from approaching and yelling something unintelligible to a TTC employee.

Sanglakhi said the allegations against Muench are “completely false,” and he doesn’t know why the female city employee was sick.

In an earlier interview, Muench said that he was helping people in distress and people took it out of context.