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Stoufffville Mayor Iain Lovatt announces run for re-election
June 13, 2022

King township has secured $225,000 in costs from a Superior Court case involving a property on Oak Ridges Moraine near Schomberg that included the illegal dumping of fill on the property.

The property owner was doing “significant” site alterations, along with the illegal storage of commercial vehicles and equipment on the property the court found, which is in contravention of King’s site alteration and zoning bylaws, according to a media release.

The court heard that King’s bylaw enforcement staff had attempted to get the owner to comply with the bylaws, but they were unsuccessful.

Bylaw enforcement staff issued orders to cease all illegal activities, but that didn’t stop the property owner.

King township then applied for an interim injunction at the Superior Court of Justice because of the ongoing violations and the impact they were having on the property and neighbouring properties.

The court found that even though the interim injunction was consented to by the property owner, the relevant bylaws and interim injunction were still being breached.

The township then successfully brought a motion for contempt of court, which resulted in the property owner being ordered to pay a $110,000 fine to the Provincial Treasurer. The owner was also ordered to pay the township $225,000 for costs related to the interim injunction, contempt of court and permanent injunction.

The property owner also consented to a permanent injunction, which requires compliance with the relevant bylaws. They must remediate the site to the township’s satisfaction, and if that fails to happen, the township can complete the remedial work at the property owner’s expense.

“Due to the efforts of our staff and legal team, King has demonstrated it does not tolerate property owners blatantly disregarding municipal bylaws. I’d like to thank the neighbouring property owners, staff and our legal team for their dedication in bringing this case to a successful conclusion,” said Mayor Steve Pellegrini.