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Skate park, community garden, sports zone. Oh my! Georgina OKs new sports park in Pefferlaw

Pefferlaw Ice Pad to be resurfaced, divided into three sport spaces to use during non-winter seasons
May 11, 2022
Amanda Persico

Recently, the town approved a slew of new outdoor amenities for Pefferlaw, including a skate and pump park, outdoor sports zone, enhanced pathways and a community garden.

Where will the new outdoor sports area be located?
On the Pefferlaw Ice Pad, located at the Pefferlaw Lions and Community Hall grounds, 38 Pete’s Lane, Pefferlaw.

What is the plan for the outdoor sports zone?
The Pefferlaw Ice Pad is to be resurfaced divided into three ‘court’ spaces to use during non-winter seasons -- one for tennis, another for basketball and the third for pickleball.

The court surface could also be adapted to accommodate registered recreation programs such as ball hockey.

Does the plan include a skateboard park?

As skateboarding and BMX bikes have become increasingly popular, the new proposed Pefferlaw Park is to include a pump track and skate park.

Will there be a walking path?

The existing pathways will be expanded to include an active walking/running loop circuit. Outdoor fitness stations could be added in the future.

What about a garden area?
The town is working together with the Pefferlaw Association of Ratepayers and the Georgina-Brock Garden Club to establish a community garden for local residents to grow their own fruits and vegetables.

How much will the outdoor zone cost?
Town council approved $1.4 million in capital funding in the 2022 budget for the proposed new outdoor park.

That amounts to $900,000 for the skate and pump park; $200,000 for the sports zone on the Pefferlaw Ice Pad, which includes resurfacing the ice pad, signage and purchasing sports equipment; $200,000 to improve and enhance existing pathways; and $45,000 to build a community garden.

The remaining funds are to be used as contingency funds. If the budget allows, the town is also looking at installing a leash-free dog park and an electronic message board at the Pefferlaw Firehall.

How was this decided?
The need for an outdoor sports area stemmed from the Pefferlaw Recreation Needs Study done in fall 2021.

The recreation needs study consisted of two online surveys and one in-person consultation session.

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