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‘Be patient with geese’: Richmond Hill offers tips for wildlife encounter

If a goose is nesting on your property, leave them alone
May 9, 2022
Sheila Wang

As we embrace the warmer weather outdoors in the spring, wildlife encounters are becoming more common in Richmond Hill.

From geese to turtles, foxes to beavers, Richmond Hill is blessed with more than 150 wildlife species thanks to its unique natural environment.

While it makes the city a great place to observe wildlife, it is important to know how to safely interact with urban wildlife.

In order to coexist in harmony with the wild animals this spring, the city shared a list of tips for residents keep in mind:

Do not feed wildlife -- human food is harmful to their health. Feeding wildlife can cause them to lose their fear of people and become a nuisance or even a safety risk.

Make your property undesirable to urban wildlife -- leave food indoors, rinse out your recycling containers and seal any cracks and holes in and around your home.

Admire wildlife from a safe distance -- do not try to pet or approach wildlife (especially if there are young animals).

Be a mindful pet owner -- keep dogs on a leash when out for walks, keep cats indoors when possible.

Be patient with geese -- if a goose is nesting on your property, leave them alone. They can be protective of their mate, nest and young, but eventually their eggs will hatch and they will vacate their nest. It is illegal to move or harm migratory birds.

If you encounter an injured or sick animal, contact our contractor, City of Vaughan Animal Services at 905-832-2281 or 1-855-227-7297.

Learn more about Richmond Hill’s urban wildlife by visiting