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East Gwillimbury warns residents after reports of coyote sightings in Sharon

The reports were in the Beechborough Crescent area, close to the watershed and trail
May 6, 2022
Simon Martin

There have been reports of a coyote sightings near the Beechborough Crescent area in Sharon, close to the watershed and trail.

East Gwillimbury is asking residents to be cautious, pick up small children and dogs, never run from or turn their back on a coyote, slowly back away, yell and carry a flashlight at night.

Coyotes generally do not pose a danger to people, but can pose a danger to pets -- namely, cats and small dogs who can be injured or killed. We ask residents who live or walk near a typical coyote habitat (including ravines, forests and open spaces) to take extra caution during this time.

Residents can help prevent coyotes from visiting their property by:

Keeping pet food and water bowls indoors. Food will attract coyotes to your yard.

Keeping trash cans covered.

Putting garbage out the morning of collection (not the night before).

Not allowing a large amount of wild bird seed to remain on your lawn, as it attracts prey for coyotes.

Keeping pets on a leash during walks and indoors at night or enclosed in kennels.

Keeping cats indoors. Letting cats roam can draw coyotes into the area.

Not leaving leftover food, garbage or dog feces in public or private outdoor spaces.