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Peel regional councillors want to see provincial subsidy for truckers on Highway 407
April 20, 2022

Council members for the Region of Peel want to see a subsidy program for truck drivers on the Highway 407, as a way to ease traffic on the 401 without building a whole new highway.

“Right now, the pressure on the trucking industry is horrendous,” said Mississauga Councillor Carolyn Parrish, who put forward the motion in Peel regional council on April 14, asking for the province to create subsidies to establish free or low-cost truck lanes on the 407.

The Region of Peel has issued its official opposition to the proposed highway, and wants to promote alternative options for active transportation, public transit and truck traffic relief.

Parrish said that if the Ontario government can afford to cancel license sticker fees, they can afford to invest $260 million in easing congestion without building Highway 413.

In November 2021, the Toronto Star reported that the Ontario government didn’t pursue more than $1 billion in fines against the owners of the toll highway for having usage numbers dip below required targets during the pandemic.

Caledon Mayor Allan Thompson agreed with the idea of truck lanes on the 407, noting that the agreement would also hinge on negotiations with 407 International Inc., which is more than 50 per cent owned by Canadian Pension Plan Investments.

“This is a solution that is available today,” said Caledon Councillor Annette Groves, adding it could offer immediate relief as opposed to waiting years for the completion of Highway 413.

Peel council voted in favour of the motion.