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Toronto Mayor John Tory tests positive for COVID-19
April 19, 2022

Toronto Mayor John Tory has tested positive for COVID-19.

Tory reportedly feels fine and is isolating at home, according to a statement from the mayor's office Thursday morning.

The mayor will continue to do his job and take part in virtual meetings while he isolates and recovers, it reads.

"I am thankful that I have been fully vaccinated and have the best protection possible against COVID-19. I know this also gives me the best chance at a quick recovery so I can be back to a busy in-person schedule as soon as possible," Tory said.

"Right now, I feel fine and have extremely mild symptoms so far. I've spoken to Dr. de Villa and am following her orders to isolate to avoid any possibility of spreading the virus."

Tory last tested negative for the virus on Wednesday.

He had received three doses of COVID-19 vaccine last year, according to the mayor's office, and will be eligible to get a fourth dose next month.

"I want to use this opportunity to again encourage people to get vaccinated -- first, second, third and fourth doses -- as soon as they can. We've worked to have Team Toronto vaccination clinics open all weekend to help people get the dose they need," Tory said.

Hamilton's mayor Fred Eisenberger also tested positive for COVID-19 on Wednesday.