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Markham announces new contract with Miller Waste Systems and expanded fleet
March 2, 2022

The City of Markham continues its commitment to environmental stewardship and cutting-edge waste management practices. After completing a comprehensive public procurement process in 2020, Markham Council awarded the new, eight-year collection contract to Miller Waste Systems. The new collection contract begins on March 1, 2022, featuring a new fleet of 50 collection trucks.

The new contract includes many enhancements that benefit Markham residents. In anticipation of Ontario’s new provincial Blue Box legislation, Markham’s blue box recyclables will now be collected separately from green bin organics and clear bag garbage, by two separate trucks. All items Recyclables and organics will still be collected on the same day and there is no change to collection schedules. Green bin organics and clear bag garbage will be co-collected in a “rear load” truck that has two compartments keeping material separated.

“Markham has an award-winning legacy of environmental sustainability,” says Mayor Frank Scarpitti,” and this new contract will ensure that we are poised to continue building on that success. The City’s environmental initiatives and excellent service levels go hand-in-hand with our residents' commitment to properly sort their waste materials and increase waste diversion.”

Markham’s waste diversion milestones and achievements:


Styrofoam Packaging banned from curbside collection, targeting the diversion of Styrofoam packaging from landfill and incineration. Utilizing the City’s four Markham Recycling Depots, residents have an alternate, cost-effective recycling option for their Styrofoam material.


Textile Recycling Program introduced, including banning household textiles from curbside collection. As of 2021, Markham’s program has collected more than 20 million pounds of donations, resulting in unwanted textiles diverted from landfill and incineration, creating local jobs and supporting Markham communities.


Clear bags for garbage introduced, allowing collectors to identify if recyclables, organics, hazardous and electronic material have been improperly disposed

Electronic waste (e.g. TVs, computers) banned from curbside collection, keeping harmful metals out of the landfill and allowing valuable parts such as glass, plastic, gold, silver, copper and palladium to be recycled.

Positive impacts include:

Increased waste diversion and recycling of Styrofoam:

Nov 2019 - April 2020 = 12 tonnes

Nov 2020 - April 2021 = 30 tonnes

Increased recycling of other acceptable Depot materials

Creation of local jobs at Recycling Depots and densification services

Increased curbside collection efficiency and decreased litter from set-outs

2021 Environmental recognition awards:

CAMA (Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators) - 2021 Environmental Award

AMO (Association of Municipalities of Ontario) - 2021 PJ Marshall Municipal Innovation Award