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Young Newmarket student may have her eye on Mayor John Taylor's job

But Elsa explains why any plans to campaign are a long way off
Feb. 28, 2022
Lisa Queen

Keep an eye out for the name Elsa on the municipal election ballot.

But not for this October’s municipal election or, really, any time soon.

As part of Mayor John Taylor’s regular Walk to School sessions, where he strolls with students to different schools and opens up chat times, he spoke with Elsa Feb. 16 at St. Elizabeth Seaton Catholic Elementary School.

She asked Taylor how long he had been in office.

As part of his answer, he suggested she could be mayor someday and went on to say we need more women in politics.

When Elsa asked when the election was, Taylor told her about the upcoming one Oct. 24 and the following one four years down the road in 2026.

Elsa explained that wasn’t going to work for her since she will only be 14 in 2026.

The event also featured Reena Mistry, the active transportation co-ordinator from York Region’s public and Catholic school boards making remarks and York Regional Police officers handing out memorabilia to the children.