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'Richmond Hill will be the centrepiece of York Region': Acting Mayor Joe DiPaola

Amazon Canada has chosen Richmond Hill as the home of its newest delivery station
Oct. 27, 2021
Yoyo Yan

"By 2041, the City of Richmond Hill will be the centrepiece of York Region," Acting Mayor Joe DiPaola said while delivering the State of the City address to local business leaders on Oct. 22.

The theme of the event, hosted annually by the Richmond Hill Board of Trade, was Richmond Hill: Imagine Our Future.

Already home to more than 5,180 businesses, Richmond Hill is poised for great economic growth and success in the coming years -- and that growth has already begun.

During his speech, the acting mayor announced Amazon Canada has chosen Richmond Hill as the home of its newest delivery station, bringing 400 new jobs to the city, and demonstrating confidence in Richmond Hill as a great place to live, work and do business.

DiPaola spoke about how Richmond Hill council's strategic priorities -- balancing growth and green, fiscal responsibility, strong sense of belonging and getting around the city -- are helping create a stronger, more vibrant community.

He celebrated the many successes the city has achieved this year, including being named a Tree City of the World and being certified platinum for the second year in a row by the World Council on City Data.

In addition, Richmond Hill council delivered a zero per cent tax increase for the community, keeping Richmond Hill's tax rate the third lowest in Ontario.

The acting mayor also focused on how the city is setting the foundation to become the centrepiece of York Region and one of the most complete communities in the GTA by 2041.

Included in those future plans are transit links like the Yonge North Subway Extension, which are essential to connecting the city and driving economic growth, job creation and housing opportunities, and the establishment of Richmond Hill Centre -- the new transit-oriented urban community that will become Richmond Hill's new downtown.

"Richmond Hill has a great heritage and a strong foundation ... I personally believe we have an outstanding future ahead of us -- one that will see our city rise to preeminence in the GTA, if not Canada," said DiPaola.