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Newmarket launches 'friendly' ambassadors program on Tom Taylor Trail

The town has also added centre lane markings, more signage and improved sight lines on the popular destination for pedestrians and cyclists
Oct. 25, 2021

Since the start of the pandemic, the Town of Newmarket’s popular Tom Taylor Trail has seen a spike in all modes of traffic as the community gets outside to move their bodies, clear their minds and stay social. To address increased congestion, encourage a safe mix of users on foot and wheels and ensure everyone has a positive trail experience, the Town has completed some TLC on the Tom Taylor Trail. This fall, the Town is introducing trail ambassadors and has added centre lane markings, cleared sight lines and increased signage along the trails.

“The Tom Taylor Trail is an artery that keeps our town moving and connects us to our neighbouring towns through the Nokiidaa Trail,” says Mayor John Taylor. “But with great popularity comes more people and more types of users, which can create challenges, too. The Town has made some immediate safety improvements this fall, and we’ll be exploring ways we can keep the trail system working for the community we have today, and tomorrow in an upcoming workshop. Now, we look to our residents to help, too -- be mindful of one another, practise compassion and let’s all share the trail together.”

Say hello to your friendly trail ambassadors who will be out in the community, in person, to help trail-goers navigate and share the trail system safely with fellow users. They hit the trail this past weekend and will be out-and-about on foot or by golf cart until Nov. 7. In addition to speaking with residents, trail ambassadors will conduct traffic counts and gather data to help plan for more improvements next year. The trail ambassador will be easy to spot in an orange vest and a Town baseball hat.

Ahead of the trail ambassador launch, the Town conducted the following trail improvements:

These trail improvements are an immediate solution to more long-term strategy to enhancing safety on Newmarket’s most popular trail system. During the pandemic, the Tom Taylor Trail has seen high levels of use from diverse modes of movement from cyclists to skateboards, pedestrians to mobility scooters.

Whether trail goers are walking the dog, out with kids or staying social, everyone should be mindful of their fellow human (and four-legged friends) and put others first to keep the trails safe and welcoming for all. Help keep Newmarket’s trails safe by following these simple safety tips.

Six ways to share Newmarket’s trails

In addition to these fall improvements, the Town is looking at a more long-term approach that will be discussed at a future council workshop in 2022.

For more information, click here and share your trail experience on social media using #ShareNewmarketTrails and tag @TownofNewmarket for a chance to be featured.