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York Region school board to give lessons on mental health for all grades

Move is in response to the global pandemic that ‘has brought many changes, challenges’
Sept. 27, 2021
Dina Al-Shibeeb

York Region District School Bard is launching a series of lessons for students as young as Kindergarten up to Grade 12, focusing on pupils’ mental heath and well-being, a release said Sep. 23.

The York Region board said these lessons are in response to the global pandemic, which has “brought many changes, challenges and new learning for all of us.”

“We understand that mental health is vital,” it added.

It will be taught by the board’s teachers, who received “support in the content and delivery of the lessons,"  before the end of September in elementary schools and by Oct. 15 in secondary schools.

These lessons would increase activities and information that focus on the ABCs of Mental Health.

These are:

Acknowledging our lived experiences as they relate to the pandemic

Bridging our internal and community strengths and helping us heal and grow.

Connecting our strengths and assets back to the community and those who care about us.