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York Region's COVID-19 non-compliance team issues 16 charges over 14-day period
Aug. 26, 2021
John Cudmore

The Region of York’s COVID-19 enforcement task force team issued 16 charges to businesses and residents under the Reopening Ontario Act for the two-week period from Aug. 9 to 22.

Of the charges, 12 were issued by York Region Public Health officials.

York Region Transit officers issued three tickets and Markham bylaw officers were responsible for the other charge.

Three charges were served to establishments in each of Vaughan and Markham, while two were issued to businesses in each of Newmarket and East Gwillimbury.

Violations were also cited in King Township, Aurora and Richmond Hill.

In total, task force members conducted 335 inspections at locations across York Region during the 14-day period. There were also 209 compliance education activities conducted.

The combined enforcement team includes York Region Public Health inspectors, municipal bylaw officers, York Regional Police, York Region Transit representatives and Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario officers.

Businesses failing to keep their customers and employees safe by not adhering to the mandated COVID-19 safety measures are subject to fines, according to the Region of York.

Fines are $880, unless noted otherwise.

Since March 18, 2020, a total of 70,937 inspections have been conducted, with 1,450 charges filed by the noncompliance team. There have also been 30,962 compliance education activities completed.

The following list includes charges issued for noncompliance to health restrictions and measures at 13 venues for the 14-day period:

168 Sushi Asian Buffet, 103 -- 1520 Steeles Ave. E., Vaughan: Lack of physical distancing in dining area and washrooms; lack of contact tracing; no maximum capacity sign posted -- public health.

Baton Rouge Steakhouse and Bar, 230 Commerce Valley Dr., Markham: Lack of physical distancing in dining area -- public health.

C.W. Coop's, 1 -- 19415 Yonge St., Holland Landing: No COVID-19 safety plan; no active screening staff or patrons; operator did not have mask behind bar area serving -- public health.

Cheongdam Korean BBQ, 7335 Yonge St., Markham: Missing safety plan; capacity signage not posted; no screening; no dates for contact tracing -- Markham bylaw enforcement.

Core Health and Fitness, 32 -- 1700 King Rd., King Township: No COVID-19 safety plan; lack of two metres distance between workout equipment; no posting of capacity numbers; no proof of active screening for staff or customers -- public health.

Farsi Restaurant, 8159 Yonge St., Markham: No capacity posted; no COVID-19 safety plan -- public health.

Grey Goat Pub and Grill, 74 Main St. S., Newmarket: No contact list; no capacity posting -- public health.

Il Fornello, 8851 Yonge St., Richmond Hill: Incomplete contact tracing list; no employee screening; no signage on the door regarding capacity, health screening -- public health.

La Primavera Event Space, 77 Woodstream Blvd., Woodbridge: No active screening; no contact tracing logs; no COVID-19 safety plan -- $1,130 -- public health.

Madsen's Greenhouse Event Venue, 160 Bayview Pkwy., Newmarket: No COVID-19 safety plan -- public health.

The Landing Bar & Grill, 1 -- 45 Grist Mill Rd., Holland Landing: No capacity sign; bartender not wearing a mask; no COVID-19 safety plan; no active screening -- public health.

Universal Event Space, 6250 Hwy. 7 W., Vaughan: Lack of mask wearing -- public health.

Ye Skewers Hot Pot Aurora, 15480 Bayview Ave., Aurora: Not actively screening staff; contact list of patrons not updated -- public health.