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'All paths lead back to Aurora Town Square': Town reveals logo for downtown revitalization project

Repeating pattern represents coming together of different groups
Aug. 24, 2021
Lisa Queen

First a new name, now a new look.

Aurora has unveiled a logo to brand Aurora Town Square, formerly known as Library Square.

The downtown project will be a revitalized public space featuring arts, theatre, music, community events and activities all year around.

The new logo created by town staff reflects the creativity and vibrancy of the project, the town said in a statement.

“Utilizing a playful repeating pattern, the graphic plays off the idea that no matter what corner of Aurora you are from, all paths lead back to Aurora Town Square,” the statement said.

“Each of the five squares in the repeated pattern also signifies the collaborative nature of this project, with each square representing the coming together of the town, including the Aurora Museum and Archives, Aurora Public Library, Aurora Cultural Centre and the community.”

The new logo marks the start of a new chapter for Aurora Town Square, Mayor Tom Mrakas said.

“The logo reflects the heart of a revitalized downtown core and a community space to feature outdoor and indoor cultural spaces with many possibilities. It depicts the strong partnerships with our stakeholders and how we have worked together to offer this beautiful facility to our community and residents.”