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Circulation in York: the difference between vaccination or not, Dawang City compulsory vaccination
Aug. 20, 2021
Jun S.

Under the influence of Delta's mutated virus, the York District Public Health Department found in the flow that there was a wide gap in the number of people infected without vaccination among newly diagnosed local populations. York is considering tightening controls, and the city government is preparing to force all municipalities to vaccinate.

York District Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Karim Kurji says policies such as mandatory vaccinations are currently feasible for many employers in situations that are highly affected by The Delta variant.

He said the York Area Public Health Department was also considering additional restrictions, such as increased monitoring of whether children in childcare centres had symptoms and an expanded requirement for masks to be worn in kindergartens, so that kindergarten students must also wear masks on campus.

"The situation is changing very quickly and we need to respond quickly to everything that happens. The Ministry of Health is now very busy with the outbreak, and we are finding that more and more people are being infected by attending large gatherings or gatherings with their families. At the same time, we found that the incidence rate for fully vaccinated people is 9.8 cases per 100,000 people, while the incidence rate for unvaccinated people is 167 per 100,000 people," says Dr. Kurji.

"We've given people ample opportunity to volunteer for vaccination. Now we will carefully consider implementing policies similar to those proposed by Ontario health officials that require, for example, mandatory vaccinations for health and education personnel.”

In response, the city decided to take a step forward and is ready to implement a policy that requires all municipalities to be forced to vaccinate. Mong Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua said he had instructed staff to develop mandatory vaccination policies for all municipal employees.

"After this time of fighting the epidemic, we have to recognize the fact that we are facing a very strong enemy and frankly we cannot afford to have someone defect in this battle against the new crown," Bevilacqua said. "So it's my responsibility as mayor to make sure that everything is done to keep people safe."

There are already many levels of government departments or businesses that have enacted mandatory vaccination policies, although unvaccinated people, such as the Ontario Public Service, are exempt from sanctions by participating in routine testing programs.

The city government has not yet decided how to implement the mandatory vaccination policy, but Bevilacqua said he hoped staff would be informed in advance of what to do.