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WHAT'S GOING ON HERE? Newmarket improving wetland with $400K federal, provincial grant
July 26, 2021

Pond 74 stormwater management facility being rehabilitated using funds from Canadian government, Ontario government

Newmarket has received $417,888 in federal and provincial funding to improve a wetland in the College Manor neighbourhood.


The funding will be used to rehabilitate and restore the Pond 74 Wetland.

Pond 74 is a stormwater management facility that treats stormwater run-off for more than 73 hectares of subdivision development in the area.

It is located adjacent to Devanjan Circle in the College Manor subdivision.

Through the town’s stormwater pond inspection program, the municipality identified areas where repairs are required.

Corrective measures are currently being implemented to ensure that the pond functions well.

Components of this project include the removal of accumulated sediment and prevention of excessive erosion along the pond banks.

There isn't a specific timeline of when the project will be completed yet, but it is expected to be finished by the end of the year.

Newmarket also received a federal and provincial grant to fund a series of pathways that connect Kingsmere Avenue to the National Homes Trail Network.