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VIDEO: Crowds of Vaughan fans celebrate Italy's soccer success
June 18, 2021
Jeremy Grimaldi

Italy's national soccer team is dominating it's group at Euro 2020, and its fans came out in force for a second time in Woodbridge's Market Square to celebrate.

It was following Italy's match June 17, during which Italy beat Switzerland 3 - 0, that fans of the team flooded into the street with the team's classic blue jerseys and waving the red, white and green flag.

The celebration included music, plenty of cheering and horn honking -- but very little physical distancing.

The reaction online was mixed, with some saying it's time to we begin to allow this sort of revelry after COVID-19 wreaked so much havoc in our province the past year and a half, while others say it's still too early to begin to let our guard down as the Delta variant continues to progress in certain countries.

During the first celebration, when Italy beat Turkey 3 - 0, the Instagram account jtyco22 wrote it's time to give people a chance to breath.

"Nah you know what? After 2 years of COVID BS, let the kids celebrate anything they damn well want," the account wrote.

Others were not so quick to forgive the non-socially-distanced gathering.

"Wait a month and you can go back to a new normal," wrote the Instagram account xxm.h6xx. "Covid is very real thing that people die from."