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Vaughan Celebrates another healthcare milestone -- COVID-19: UrbanToronto Updates from the Industry for June 16, 2021
June 17, 2021

The global COVID-19 pandemic is having far-reaching effects in Toronto, including major impacts on the real estate and building industries. As a means to keep the public in the loop about the shutdowns, we'll be sharing information and status updates from around the industry on a regular basis.

In today's report: Vaughan Celebrates another healthcare milestone


Vaughan is emerging as an epicentre of healthcare excellence in Canada. On Thursday, June 24, 2021, at 7 p.m., the community is invited to tune in to the official virtual grand opening of Hospice Vaughan -- The Mario & Nick Cortellucci Hospice Palliative Care Centre of Excellence. The public can mark this special occasion by watching the event on Hospice Vaughan’s YouTube channel.

Located on Islington Avenue, just north of Rutherford Road, the new, up to 27,000-square-foot facility includes a 10-bed hospice residence, family support and bereavement services, and community hospice services at home. It will serve as a community hub that supports interdisciplinary work, research, education and knowledge transfer of palliative care best practices. This latest healthcare milestone comes after Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital recently opened as a full-service community hospital. Vaughan is now home to Canada’s first smart technology hospital and the first net-new hospital to open in Ontario in 30 years.

The City of Vaughan has a proud history of supporting Hospice Vaughan and the essential end-of-life services provided to individuals in need and their families, friends and loved ones. In 2015, Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua joined Hospice Vaughan’s Steering Committee as Honorary Chair to work alongside dedicated committee members, volunteers, staff and community leaders to actualize a shared vision to bring palliative and end-of-life care to Vaughan. As Chair of the “Better Ending” Capital Campaign, Mayor Bevilacqua led the effort to achieve and exceed the campaign’s goal of raising $12 million.

More recently, during the June 1, 2021 Committee of the Whole (1) meeting, Vaughan Council unanimously endorsed Mayor Bevilacqua’s Member’s Resolution to help further promote initiatives, events and services led by Hospice Vaughan. Deputations in support of the Member’s Resolution were delivered by Hospice Vaughan Executive Director Belinda Marchese and Board Chair Renata Rizzardi.

Since 1995, Hospice Vaughan has supported individuals and their families as they journey through a life-limiting illness. Serving with love and dignity, Hospice Vaughan remains committed to caring for individuals to live fully and ensure a better, more peaceful ending.


“Investing in healthcare is fundamental to city-building and is in perfect alignment with our priority to provide accessible, world-class care for all. The opening of Hospice Vaughan -- The Mario & Nick Cortellucci Hospice Palliative Care Centre of Excellence is a testament to the dedication, compassion and spirit of generosity of our citizens to advance health services in Vaughan. Hospice Vaughan will serve as a place of strength and support for family members who want the very best for their loved ones. Everyone deserves to rest with dignity and compassion during the last stage of life. As one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada, in a region where the population is expected to grow by more than 35 per cent over the next 20 years, residents deserve access to safe, quality care provided by leading healthcare experts. I want to express my warmest and sincerest gratitude and appreciation to the remarkable team at Hospice Vaughan for their ongoing city-building contributions. Accessible, front-line care for all citizens is among our top priorities in Vaughan, and together, we will continue to work in support of this mission every day.”

-Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua

“It is an honour and privilege to serve the community of Vaughan with health and social programs at no cost to those in need. Our legacy over the past 26 years has brought us to today; offering comprehensive and holistic programs and services in the community. York Region’s first Hospice Palliative Care Hub includes a 10-bed end of life residence and a Centre of Excellence that promotes learning, education and research. This has been truly shaped by the needs and gaps in the community along with a devoted vision of our ambassadors, volunteers, elected officials, partners, donors and staff. We look forward to continue being privileged to journey with individuals and families to provide dignity and hope along with mental health, counselling and bereavement supports for healing.”

-Belinda Marchese, Executive Director, Hospice Vaughan

“The new home of Hospice Vaughan -- The Mario & Nick Cortellucci Hospice Palliative Care Centre of Excellence is a true testament to the power of a community to realize the vision of a 10-bed end of life residence and Centre of Excellence dedicated to the advancement of palliative care best practices through research and education. This new facility enables Hospice Vaughan to provide accessible and compassionate care to those at end of life, and support to family, caregivers and friends; in addition to delivering enhanced health, counselling and bereavement programs and services to those in need. Together, with support from the community, we are making a meaningful impact to the delivery of quality care. Hospice Vaughan is committed to continuing this legacy with kindness and compassion to anyone in need.”

-Renata Rizzardi, Board Chair, Hospice Vaughan