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BREAKING: Richmond Hill mayor hopes to return to work at end of summer

Dave Barrow has been on medical leave since late February

Yoyo Yan
June 15, 2021

Nearly four months into his medical leave of absence, Richmond Hill Mayor Dave Barrow is hoping to be back at work at the end of the summer.

The mayor was spotted enjoying breakfast in the morning sunshine with his wife, Tomye Anne, along Yonge Street at the 3 Coins Open Kitchen restaurant patio on June 11, the first day for patio reopening in the province.

"He looks in fine health and was very talkative," said Metroland photographer Steve Somerville, who saw and talked to Barrow.

In the council meeting June 9, the mayor provided a response email via the city clerk in regards to a councillor's motion requesting for an update on his medical leave.

"The medical treatments I've been receiving have been going well and at this time I'm hopeful that I will be able to return to work at the end of the summer," Barrow said in the email.

The mayor also extended his gratitude to the council members and the residents of Richmond Hill for their kind words and thoughts that he has received since he went on medical leave at the end of February.

At the Feb. 24 council meeting, Barrow brought forward a time-sensitive motion to ask for a medical leave of absence from his role for an indefinite period of time following his doctor's advice.

His motion was approved by the council members.

Regional Coun. Joe DiPaola has been the acting mayor since Feb. 25.

Barrow's political career dates back to 1978 when he served his first term as Ward 4 councillor.