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What’s going on here? TRCA planning aerial spraying in Caledon, Brampton, Woodbridge, Stouffville

Albion Hills, Glen Haffy, Boyd, Bruce Mill and Heart Lake conservation areas to get Btk treatment spring 2021
May 10, 2021
Karen Martin-Robbins

The Toronto Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) will be applying an organic insecticide at several of its parks to manage an infestation of invasive moths.


The LDD moth (Lymantria dispar dispar), known as European gypsy moth, is a non-native moth species that can cause defoliation of trees in Ontario and Eastern North America.

To protect important green space and tree cover, TRCA will be undertaking LDD moth management on its lands that have been identified as having moderate to severe infestations, including the aerial application of an organic insecticide, called Btk.

Btk is a naturally occurring bacteria that is safe for humans and wildlife, except caterpillars, and can be used to control LDD moth populations.

The aerial spraying will occur very early in the morning by a single-engine plane and will be complete by 9:30 a.m.

During the Btk application, Albion Hills, Glen Haffy, Heart Lake, Boyd and Bruce’s Mill Conservation Parks will be temporarily closed and will reopen immediately after the application.

Signs will be posted at the park entrances 24 hours before the application.