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Ontario Schools Are Being Asked To Teach Students Outside For New Stay-At-Home Order

"Outdoor learning opportunities should be considered by boards and schools."
April 9, 2021

Ontario schools are now being asked to teach their students outdoors while they remain open throughout the stay-at-home order.

The province announced on Thursday that it would be implementing several new tactics to help further protect educators from COVID-19 variants.

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The safety measures will include on-site screening, refresher training, outdoor instruction when possible, and enhanced cleaning.

"As the weather becomes warmer across much of the province, the possibility of outdoor learning opportunities should be considered by boards and schools," stated the Deputy Director of Communication for Stephen Lecce.

"The province is aware that many boards facilitated outdoor learning arrangements during the fall, and it is the hope of the province that this experience can be expanded in situations where it is safe and weather-permitting to do so."