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Trisan Centre opens for COVID-19 vaccinations
April 8, 2021

The Trisan Centre in Schomberg has begun vaccinating residents.

York Region Health confirmed that a limited number of appointments were made available Monday morning.

It’s a made-in-King solution and is totally driven by councillors, staff and volunteers. The volume and number of appointments depends on supply.

The goal is the vaccine in as many arms as possible, and Mayor Steve Pellegrini encourages everyone to get vaccinated.

“All we’re looking for is vaccines,” Pellegrini said.

“I’m proud of how this community has come together,” he said. The mayor lauded the efforts of Fire Chief Jim Wall and Schomberg Sheet Metal for donating the freezers.

Hopes are that every King resident will be vaccinated by the end of June.

The project is being administered by Joseph Gergis Medicine Professional Corporation and the agreement includes both King and York Region.

King staff noted York Public Health is establishing several vaccination clinics throughout the region, and King has been approved as a local, physician-led site. The Trisan Centre is the best place.

“Holding the clinic in King Township would increase accessibility to the vaccines for our residents and nearby communities. The benefits of vaccination and the knowledge of the accessibility of the vaccine are immeasurable as the pandemic must be brought to heel so that life and the economy can resume.”

Staff pointed out there’s a commitment to hold the clinic for three months, with the possibility of extending it into the summer.

The Township has waived all fees associated with facility rental.

Staff said the clinic would need roughly 24 non-medical staff (and volunteers) on a daily basis. The Township will handle staffing, with both volunteers and re-assigned employees.

“The COVID-19 vaccination clinics, in partnership with York Region, allows us to mitigate the risk of spreading the virus by allowing citizens to access a location within the township, by appointment, where they can receive their first immunization shot,” staff reported.