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Newmarket Public Library CEO Todd Kyle starts new chapter in Brampton

Former deputy CEO comes out of retirement to take helm
Jan. 19, 2021
Lisa Queen

Newmarket Public Library CEO Todd Kyle is turning the page on his career.

He has left to take over as CEO of Brampton Library.

Kyle's last day in Newmarket was Jan. 15 and he starts his new job on Jan. 18.

“Todd joined Newmarket Public Library as CEO in May of 2010 and his leadership has been instrumental in implementing a number of key initiatives over the years,” Newmarket library board chair, Darcy McNeill, said in a statement.

The board said Kyle helped to enhance the profile of the library in the community in a number of ways, including:

Eddie, the wayward Mandarin duck at Newmarket's Fairy Lake, heads back home

“My years at NPL have been among the best of my career,” Kyle said. “Helping to move the library forward and position it as a community hub for knowledge, learning, culture, and technology have provided me with the opportunity to work with a great team of people, the management and staff of NPL. However, I’ve been looking for new challenges and feel this is the right time to make a change.”

The board is searching for a new CEO but in the meantime, former deputy CEO, Linda Peppiatt, has agreed to return from her recent retirement to fill the role of acting CEO on a temporary basis.