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City seeks feedback on what Vaughan Mills Centre should look like

Take online survey until Aug. 14
July 24, 2020

Vaughan is asking residents to take an online survey to share their thoughts on what the area around Vaughan Mills mall, known as the Vaughan Mills Centre, should look like in the future.

The city said it’s undertaking a study to enable it to develop the Vaughan Mills Centre Public Realm and Streetscape Plan. The study is set to complement the Vaughan Mills Centre Secondary Plan, adopted by council in 2014.

The study “will serve as a comprehensive guide to promote high-quality public spaces and streetscape development around this area,” it added.

The idea is to enhance the area with proposed designs and guidelines aimed at improving the pedestrian and cycling environment along the streets, and within the parks and open spaces, the city said.

To find out more Information about the plan and take the survey, which is available until Aug. 14, go to