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First-ever drive-in concert to be held in Markham on Canada Day

Cabin Media Entertainment hosts “Dean Brody -- live at the drive-in” at Markham fairgrounds
June 25, 2020
Heidi Riedner

While most Canada Day celebrations will be virtual affairs this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the first-ever drive-in concert will take place in Markham July 1.

Cabin Media Entertainment Group announced “Dean Brody -- live at the drive-in” at the Markham fairgrounds featuring Dean Brody and opening act Andrew Hyatt.

Company president Jeff Sebben said the company spent months working to find a safe, enjoyable way to put on live shows during the pandemic.

“We’re really dialed in with the local jurisdictions and we’ve been meeting with them for months, just talking about how we can provide a great, comfortable experience to fans with physical distancing at the forefront in whatever phase they’re about to enter,” he said.

“Because of those relationships and that communication going back and forth, we’ve been successful in getting that green light.”

A maximum of four people per car will be allowed in to park and watch from their designated individual 'tailgating zone' with one empty parking lot space between each vehicle.

Fans will only be allowed to leave their area to use single restrooms, which Sebben said will be cleaned regularly throughout the show.

Online orders for hot food items and non-alcoholic beverages will be delivered to individuals in their designated block.

Concertgoers can be assured required public health protocols are in place for the event, said Sebben, adding all venue staff will be wearing masks.

Attendees are being asked to wear masks wherever social distancing cannot be maintained, as well as upon arrival, where contactless ticket scanning will be available through the window.

Vehicle passes start from $209 per vehicle, plus applicable fees and taxes.

Visit for tickets and information.