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'It’s shocking': Vaughan's Ava Scaccia, of pop rock group Girl Pow-R, Juno-bound

Juno Awards take place March 15 at 8 p.m. in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
March 12, 2020
Simone Joseph

Ava Scaccia is only 14 but she’s already been nominated for a Juno Award for her contribution as part of the group Girl Pow-R.

“It’s shocking, unbelievable. I’m grateful I’ll get to go,” said the St. Elizabeth Catholic High School student.

The Juno nominee list was released Jan. 28.

Scaccia, a Woodbridge resident, used to be part of Girl Pow-R, a pop rock group of girls aged 11 to 16.

She left Girl Pow-R about a year ago to co-write with other artists and release her own original song, You Don't Really Need to Change, in November 2018.

The Junos are March 15 at 8 p.m. in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

This Juno nomination has reunited the original Girl Pow-R members to celebrate their work and collaboration. They have been invited to the Juno gala to see whether they will win the award for Children’s Album of the Year.

Scaccia is one of the original members of Girl Pow-R and cowrote most of the songs on the EP “This is Us,” which is nominated for a Juno Award. (An EP or extended play record, has more tracks than a single, but cannot be defined as an album or LP).

She’s watched the Junos a few times.

 “It’s really good exposure, a good opportunity.”

“I never imagined I’d ever be there,” said Scaccia, who is part of St. Elizabeth Catholic High School’s Vocal RAP (Regional Arts Program).

This will be her first time visiting Saskatoon. “It’s pretty exciting.”

She’s also now working on making new music, hoping to produce an EP of six or seven songs.

“It’s stuff I’ve experienced, that you can relate to. It’s personal.”