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Metrolinx Announces Improvements to Kitchener, Brampton GO Service
August 30, 2019
Ryan Debergh

A step closer towards the end-goal of GO Regional Express Rail, the Ontario Government and Metrolinx today announced the expansion of service along the Kitchener Line, with 65 new and extended weekly trips on the line. Metrolinx CEO Phil Verster, along with representatives of the provincial government, were on hand to make the announcement.

One of the key service announcements was the commencement of hourly two-way evening weekday service between Toronto and Brampton. Beginning next Tuesday, September 3rd, 50 new weekly train trips will be added to the existing schedule, increasing the frequency of trains and extending the schedule beyond what is currently available. As it stands, the last train to Union Station from Brampton currently departs at 4 PM and the last train from Union Station to Brampton currently leaves at 6:50 PM. New service will greatly extend this, ending with a 10 PM Kitchener-bound train that would make all stops passing through Brampton, Georgetown, and Guelph.

The move comes on top of Metrolinx increasing service to destinations like Mount Pleasant, Georgetown, Guelph and Bramalea by 45% in the last year alone. Service frequency from Kitchener to Toronto has already doubled from what it was a year ago.

Go Transit Service Expansion, Metrolinx, Province of Ontario

Metrolinx CEO Phil Verster makes the announcement image courtesy of Government of Ontario Announcements on Youtube

Express service is being introduced for Kitchener riders, removing all stops between Union and Bramalea from the 6 PM train, shaving 20 minutes off the Kitchener-bound commute.

The increased service is largely due to agreements between Metrolinx and CN Rail, which owns a portion of the Kitchener Line to run freight trains. The 65 new and extended trips on the Kitchener Line are part of 150 new and extended train trips to be rolled out across the entire GO network. The long term strategy here is to transform GO Transit into a comprehensive all-day rapid transit system with service every 15 minutes on core components of the network.

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