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King, Weston intersection improvements
August 30, 2019
Amanda Persico

The region is improving intersections along regional roads in an effort to improve traffic flow.

Construction started this summer and is expected to be complete by the end of summer 2020;

Current work includes widening King Road to accommodate left turn lanes. Crews are also working to flatten the hill on King Road west of Weston Road and will repave that stretch to Highway 400. Work has also been done to replace a culvert across King Road. Once complete, there will be left-turn lanes in all directions of the intersection as well as updated traffic signals.

The budget for the project is about $5.7 million.

Recently, the region made improvements to the King Road and Highway 27 intersection, which includes new left-turn lanes in both north and south directions on the highway; modernized traffic lights; raised planter beds; and enhanced intersection accessibility.

There are a number of intersection improvements taking place in King, including Davis Drive and Jane Street, and Davis Drive and Dufferin Street.